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Disrupting disease management by making the invisible visible.

The world-leading Techion particle flotation and imaging technology is revolutionising disease management. Our products advance health and performance, improve financial outcomes, enable appropriate anthelmintic use and strengthen supply chain integrity.

Innovation-driven, we are proud to be developing practical solutions for a healthier, more sustainable future for animals and people.

Making a real difference with disruptive technology

Behind nutrition, parasites are the most significant driver of animal performance. Parasites also have a massive impact on farm productivity and their management consumes a large amount of time and money. Before we developed FECPAK, the way parasites were detected had not changed for decades. Our latest generation product, FECPAKG2, modernises the traditional microscope-based testing method with an image based, internet connected, software supported diagnostic platform.

Benefiting multiple user types around the world

  • Veterinarians and animal health advisors in several countries are already able to increase the quality control and auditability of their faecal egg count testing by using a platform with permanent image records, rather than results that are washed down the sink.
  • Sheep and cattle farmers in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, and South Africa are enjoying the time and cost savings that come from more appropriate use of deworming drugs (drenches).
  • Equine managers in Australasia, Europe and the United States are starting to benefit from improved parasite management.
  • Alpaca and goat farmers are the next groups to benefit from Techion products and services.
  • Research on usage with other animal species and parasite types is progressing with further platform releases in the pipeline.

Managing the growing issue of anthelmintic (drench/wormer) resistance

Beyond helping farmers and other animal managers to treat animals more appropriately, our imaging diagnostic technology underpins our ability to identify and access anthelmintic resistance (drench resistance) on a property and provide the information necessary to help manage the situation.

Techion is at the forefront of helping address the issue of drug use in meat production and drug resistance that is becoming a growing sustainability issue for food retailers, meat processors and farmers. Techion's technology platforms will empower farmers to better meet consumer expectations and improve the profitability and sustainability of the farm business.

Collaborative field study – the Sainsbury’s Project

  • Sainsbury’s, one of the United Kingdom’s largest and most influential supermarket chains, recently collaborated with Techion to undertake a large-scale field study of parasite management on farms in the United Kingdom and New Zealand.
  • The results show that our diagnostics platform can significantly reduce drench use and result in better outcomes for farmers and all in the red meat supply chain.
  • Sainsbury's is committed to supporting the use of technology and data on farm to ensure the integrity and sustainability of the supply chain and provide a product that will meet and exceed consumer expectations.

Evidence based

Working together with leading research institutions, industry groups and global partners we take an evidence-based approach to everything we do.

  • Our core intellectual property was co-developed with the University of Otago in New Zealand, one of the great farming regions in the world.
  • We are working with researchers at leading universities the world over on new species validation and other exciting research.
  • Further to this, we work closely with industry bodies and government health agencies to raise awareness of better parasite management techniques and are active in several joint field and research projects.

More sustainable future

Innovation-driven, we are proud to be developing practical solutions for a healthier, more sustainable future for animals and people.


Contact us to find out how we can work together to maximize animal health and optimise anthelmintic use.

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