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Catering to specialist farming needs – Alpacas and other Camelids.

Alpacas and other members of the Camelid family that graze on pasture are also prone to parasites.

Testing for parasites with FECPAKG2 on farm gives alpaca farmers real time control over their parasite management and knowing when the right time to treat is.

FECPAKG2 revolutionises parasite management in Camelids

FECPAKG2 revolutionises parasite management. The innovative FECPAKG2 diagnostic platform makes faecal egg count testing (also known as FEC or worm egg count testing) easier and faster to do virtually anywhere, by anyone. Frequent, accurate worm egg count testing enables alpaca farmers to treat the right animals at the right time with the right treatment.

With FECPAKG2 you can save time and money, improve animal health and performance and take a more sustainable approach to the use of worming treatments.

Innovative yet simple to use FEC platform

  • Image based, it provides greater quality control and auditability.
  • Internet connected, it overcomes distance and provides faster results.
  • Software supported, it increases efficiency.
  • Scientifically validated, it is a proven way to test FEC on alpacas and other species.
  • Simple to do, it encourages more frequent testing and better, more informed decision making.
  • Results can be easily connected to expertise to support treatment and programme decisions.

Take charge

Farmers can take charge of worm testing and parasite management in their animals with FECPAKG2. Effective and simple to use, FECPAKG2 provides you with reliable data in real time.

Anyone, anywhere

The simplicity of FECPAKG2 provides alpaca farmers with the ability to obtain immediate, reliable data without the need for a lab. FECPAKG2 can be used by anyone, almost anywhere, be it in your clinic, barn or shed.

Overcome distance

Sending information by the internet frees you from transporting faecal samples to a laboratory/clinic. This is particularly useful if you are remotely based. FECPAKG2 also generates faster results, often within an hour, enabling you to promptly adjust treatment programmes accordingly.

Take charge of parasite management with FECPAKG2 and improve animal and farm performance.

Contact us to today to find out how your Alpaca could benefit from FECPAKG2.

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