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Drench smarter

Improve profitability, manage drench resistance.

Anthelmintic resistance is a massive and growing problem. Using ineffective drenches can significantly reduce lamb weight gain, farm income and lower the value of your property.

A DrenchSmart faecal egg count reduction test shows you which drench actives are most effective at killing parasites in animals on your property.

Take the guesswork out of drenching

Faecal egg count reduction tests (FECRT) analyse the effectiveness of drench actives by testing animals before and after drenching. DrenchSmart* is Techion’s FEC reduction test. For sheep, cattle and goat farmers, DrenchSmart tests the commonly used drench actives and active combinations on animals on your property.

Best practice

It makes good sense to incorporate FEC reduction testing into your regular farm management so that you are only using drenches that are effective at doing their job – killing parasites in your animals. Best practice is to do a FEC reduction test every two to three years.

Anthelmintic resistance is a worrying problem

Drench resistance in animal parasites is far more widespread than most people realise.

  • In the recent Sainsbury’s Project 37% of case study farmers in New Zealand - and 84% in the UK - were regularly using an ineffective drench.
  • This is a waste of time and money and causes drench resistance to spread.

Increase performance and profitability

A DrenchSmart FEC reduction test is a very worthwhile investment when you consider the substantial cost of on-farm drench resistance.

  • Data collated for the Sainsbury’s Project, shows that the reduced weight gain in lambs caused by using an ineffective drench results in a significant loss in income.
  • This lost income is estimated for an average sheep farmer:
    • Up to £12,037 annually in the UK
    • Up to $74,974 annually in New Zealand.

The DrenchSmart process


Step 1. Test samples before drenching – we take faecal samples from 100 of your lambs and FEC test these samples. The lambs are then assigned to different drench actives, ear tagged and drenched.

Step 2. Test samples after drenching – 10 days later, we take faecal samples again. We FEC test these fresh samples and compare the new counts against the initial ones.

Step 3. Identify the culprits – where resistance is suspected, we process larval cultures to identify resistant species.


We will send you a report that shows the effectiveness of the different drench actives and includes a key results summary.


You will now know which drenches are working on your farm and be able to make the right drench choices to better manage parasites and increase weight gain.

DrenchSmart put hard numbers around our drench status. It gives confidence around the products I need.
- Mark Adams, sheep & beef farmer
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Contact us today to manage drench resistance, improve profitability and make the right drench choices with DrenchSmart.

* DrenchSmart is only available in New Zealand.

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