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Take charge of your farm and increase stock performance.

Take charge of parasite management with FECPAKG2. Simple to use from virtually anywhere, FECPAKG2 enables you to treat the right animals at the right time with the right treatment.

Complementing this, DrenchSmart and PhenR will help you stay ahead of drench resistance.

FECPAKG2 gives sheep, cattle, goat and camelid farmers control over their own faecal egg count (FEC) testing. This is perfect for the proactive farmer who wants to take charge of managing parasites in their animals and introduce greater cost and time savings to their treatment programme.

Better outcomes for farmers

FECPAKG2 is an on-farm faecal egg count testing system that can significantly reduce drench use and result in better outcomes for farmers. This was clearly demonstrated in the recent large-scale field study of parasite management on farms in the United Kingdom and New Zealand conducted in collaboration with Sainsbury’s, one of the United Kingdom’s most influential supermarket chains.

  • Most case study farmers in the Sainsbury's Reasearch Project reduced drench use - some by up to 50% - by using FECPAKG2 to shift from scheduled drenching to drenching when animals need it.
  • Data collated for the Sainsbury's Reasearch Project, shows that the reduced weight gain in lambs caused by using an ineffective drench results in a significant annual income loss.

Find out more at the Sainsbury's Project.

Simple to use, on-farm DIY faecal egg count testing system

  • The ease of use of the FECPAKG2 faecal egg count testing system means that a farmer does not need to also be a lab technician. With a little practice, anyone can carry out a test with FECPAKG2.
  • The on-farm DIY testing can be done from basically anywhere – barn, shed or kitchen - all that is needed is a flat surface, water, a power outlet and an internet connection to send the images off for analysis.
  • Sending information by internet frees farmers from transporting faeces to town, an especially useful thing for those in more remote locations.
  • It also provides farmers with faster results, often within an hour, so that they can modify that day’s treatment programme accordingly.
  • The associated management software future assists the famer by helping them plan their treatment by season and receive automated reminders.

Used in multiple countries

FECPAKG2 is helping farmers gain a productive edge in many countries around the world, from Australia and New Zealand to the United States and Wales.

DrenchSmart – take the guesswork out of drenching

Drench resistance in animal parasites is a far more widespread and growing problem than most people realise. The DrenchSmart reduction test shows you which drench actives are most effective at killing parasites in your flock. Test results enable you to make better informed choices and maximise productivity.

Predominantly used to narrow down the wide choice of commonly used drench actives and combinations, the DrenchSmart faecal egg count reduction test can be carried out on Sheep, Cattle and Goat farms.

PhenR (Breeding for Resistance) – lifetime parasite protection

The future of parasite control needs to include non-chemical methods such as breeding to ensure all controls remain effective. PhenR provides farmers with data that allows them to rank, select and breed animals that are naturally resistant to parasites, and lessen their reliance on worming treatments.

Contact us now to take charge and increase performance with FECPAKG2, DrenchSmart and PhenR.

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