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Raise the bar on Equine health & performance.

Parasites are one of the most significant issues impacting Horse health and performance in grazing environments.

The management of parasites on Equine properties can be challenging, expensive and time consuming. FECPAKG2 makes an invisible problem visible and more intuitive to manage.

FECPAKG2 revolutionises parasite management in horses

The innovative FECPAKG2 diagnostic platform makes faecal egg count (FEC) testing easier and faster to do virtually anywhere, by anyone. Frequent, accurate FEC testing enables equine managers to treat the right animals at the right time with the right treatment and ensure the treatment has worked.

By improving parasite management with FECPAK G2 you can improve animal health and performance, save time and money, and take a more sustainable approach to drench use.


Validation of FECPAKG2 in horses has been undertaken by Aberystwyth University (UK) who stated in their report:

FECPAKG2 represents the next generation faecal egg counting for the horse sector. FECPAKG2 will offer an overall parasite management system for horses that promises to bring worming practice into the 21st century.

UK research undertaken by Fiona Tyson has concluded FECPAKG2 is effective for performing faecal egg counts in horses and it could even help slow the development of parasite resistance in the equine industry.

The peer reviewed study called Novel Equine Faecal Egg Diagnostics: Validation of the FECPAKG2 was published in July 2020. And concluded;

It is anticipated that the user-friendliness of the method will increase the uptake of FECs amongst horse owners by the direct use of the technology or through their veterinary practice, likely slowing the development of anthelmintic resistance.

To review the research paper see it here.

There are also currently two PhD students working with FECPAKG2 in horses at Berlin University in Germany and Aberystwyth University in Wales.

Innovative yet simple to use for better Horse health

  • Image based - it provides greater quality control and auditability.
  • Internet connected - it overcomes distance and provides faster results.
  • Software supported - it increases efficiency.
  • Scientifically validated - it is a proven way to test FEC on horses and other species.
  • Simple to do - it encourages more frequent testing and better decision making.
  • Results can be easily connected to expertise to support treatment and programme decisions.

Making FEC testing easy to do on-site helps equine managers develop the right treatment programme for valuable individual animals.


FECPAKG2 make an invisible problem visible and more intuitive to manage by modernising the traditional microscope-based parasite testing method. The FECPAKG2 equine faecal egg count system is simple to use with quick results and your data is securely stored and accessible/shared via your online portal.

Take charge yourself or via your vet clinic/retailer

FECPAKG2 enables you to take control of your own FEC testing. Alternatively, it provides vet clinics and retailers a fully-auditable, image based system to conduct FEC testing on your equine faecal samples.

Good for Equine managers

The ease of use of FECPAKG2 means that an equine manager does not need to also be a lab technician. With a little practice, anyone can prepare and submit a FEC test with FECPAKG2, and do so from anywhere.

Distance is no problem

Sending information by internet frees you from transporting faecal samples to town, an especially useful thing for those in more remote locations. It also provides you with faster results. Within an hour of submission, your results will be ready so that you can quickly target that day’s treatment to the animals that need it.

Egg count results easily stored and shared

Accessed via our user portal, all egg count test results are stored online and are easy to view, analyse or share with key personnel.


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