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Take a fresh look at your FEC testing service.

FECPAKG2 modernises the traditional microscope-based parasite testing method by replacing it with an image based, internet connected diagnostic platform that is highly efficient and easy to use.

Fully auditable, high volume faecal egg count (FEC) testing with FECPAKG2 enables you to improve quality control, animal welfare and client service in lab and field.

FECPAKG2 revolutionises parasite management in veterinary clinics and laboratories

  • Image based, it provides greater quality control and auditability.
  • Internet connected, it overcomes distance and provides faster results.
  • Software supported, it increases efficiency.
  • Scientifically validated, it is a proven way to test FEC across animal species.
  • Simple to do, it frees up senior staff.
  • Easy to connect results and decision support to your clients.

Make permanent, traceable faecal egg count test records

FECPAKG2 takes images that are permanent and able to be reviewed later, rather than the traditional approach where results are washed down the sink. This makes the testing traceable, improves quality control and strengthens compliance requirements.

Scientifically validated

FECPAKG2 is scientifically validated to test nematode faecal egg counts (FEC) in sheep, cattle, horses, goats and alpacas. We are working with researchers at leading universities the world over on new species validation and other exciting research.

Particle flotation and imaging technology

  • The FECPAKG2 diagnostic platform uses particle flotation and imaging technology to replace the traditional slide and microscope.
  • The parasite egg images taken during the testing process can be digitally sent to specialist technicians at Techion – the developer of FECPAKG2 - for egg identification and counting (‘marking up’), or Techion can train/certify your inhouse technicians to do this.
  • The results are made available via email to the relevant parties with an option to add expert decision support in the reporting process.

Better service for clients

Frequent, accurate faecal egg count testing enables farmers and equine managers to treat the right animals at the right time with the right treatment.

The introduction of FECPAKG2 - an accurate, high volume FEC testing platform - enables service providers to better service their clients, improve animal welfare, performance and play's a valuable role in preventing the development of anthelmintic resistance (drench resistance).

Broaden your services with FEC testing

FECPAKG2 rounds out your offering to clients and in a flexible manner – you can take the FECPAKG2 unit to farms and equine properties to perform tests on-site or process samples delivered to the clinic, store or lab.

On-sell to your clients

Complementing this, you can sell FECPAKG2 to farmers and equine managers and work alongside them by providing timely advice and technical support via the shared results platform.

Simple, efficient process

The simple to follow FEC testing process can be carried out by any trained staff member, which improves operating efficiencies with the business.

Extensive collaboration

Techion collaborate closely with their commercial service providers, industry bodies and government health agencies in several countries to raise awareness of better parasite management techniques and are active in several joint field and research projects.

Large scale collaborative study

Sainsbury's, one of the United Kingdom’s largest supermarket chains, recently collaborated with Techion to undertake a large scale, three-year field study of parasite management on 99 sheep farms in the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

The Sainsbury’s Project shows that FECPAKG2 can help your clients improve animal growth rate and heath, reduce input costs and support sustainable drenching.

Modernise your business with a fully auditable, highly effective online diagnotistic platform.

Contact us today to speak to our team about how FECPAKG2 will benefit your business.

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