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Our Leadership Team and Board.

Greg Mirams, Managing Director

Greg developed the original FECPAK in 1992 with the intention to empower farmers with a tool to measure parasite burdens on farm. Greg has gone on to lead a number of projects in the parasite management field including the S3 Project (Sheep Sustainability Strategy), the Cattletech Project, Sainbury's FECPAKG2 Project and has been a member of the WormWise extension committee.

Through 2006/09 Greg was a participant in the EU Parasol Project, where FECPAK was proven to reduce chemical inputs and improve animal performance. In 2010 Greg formed Techion to develop FECPAKG2, which is an innovative new remote location online parasite diagnostics system.

The core technology used in FECPAKG2 was co-developed with the University of Otago. Techion's FECPAKG2 is now partnered with Sainsbury’s UK, Ghent University, Swiss Medical Research Institute and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to name a few. Techion now includes a European based business and has continued to expand its research and commercial partnerships around the world.

Eurion Thomas, European - Operations Manager

Eurion moved over to join Techion UK at its formation in 2014 following a career with Innovis, who were Techion's UK agent’s until that point. Having been brought up on a sheep farm in West Wales he has always been passionate about all things sheep and held various posts under Innovis from its formation as a spin out from Aberystwyth University in 2001.

As Innovis’ Operations Manager, Eurion had specific responsibility for parasitology and genotyping services. He specialises in parasite control and has delivered consultancy and training to farmers right across the UK as well as managing the sales of the original FECPAK system. Eventually Eurion's role grew to include Technical Sales Manager in Wales for Innovis Breeding Sheep, a farmer-facing role which supported the delivery of breeding/genotyping services and in the sale of performance recorded sheep. Eurion was also heavily involved in many research projects such as the recent Sainsbury's FECPAKG2 project, HCC's WAARD Project and was a key member of the consortium that delivered the EU-funded PARASOL project.

Dr Ian Boddy - Director

Dr Ian Boddy, who has a PhD in organic chemistry, was a Research Fellow at Cambridge University and a Senior Research Leader with the large German agrochemicals company, Schering AG.

He is also well-known for his time with the New Zealand Crown Research Institute AgResearch as GM Commercial.

Brendon Barnes - Director

Brendon has been the Investment Manager for Quayside Holdings Limited since late 2015. Brendon comes from an investment banking background and spent 11 years working overseas with the Macquarie Group and the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority.

He holds a BCA (Accounting and Commercial Law) and a Graduate Diploma (Professional Accounting) from Victoria University. Brendon is a member of the Institute of Directors and a Chartered Accountant.


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