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Quicker and easier faecal egg counts

Posted: Wednesday September 18, 2019

Techion have announced the release of the FECPAKG2, with features making faecal egg counts quicker and easier than ever.

WormFEC Gold leading the flock in parasite resistance

Posted: Monday September 9, 2019

WormFEC Gold a collective of farmers breeding for parasite resistant genetics are leading the flock as drench resistance becomes more prevalent and drench failure is reported across the country.

Testing Man and Beast

Posted: Tuesday July 30, 2019

Dunedin agritech firm Techion is turning testing animal poop into a highly scalable business and aiding human health while it’s at it.

Latest FEC technology a valuable tool for farm SQP’s

Posted: Thursday May 9, 2019

Use of the latest faecal egg count (FEC) technology is helping improve anthelmintic prescription within the sheep sector, with SQP’s playing a crucial role in effective and sustainable parasite control.

FECPAKG2 Case Study - Chris Hallett

Posted: Thursday March 28, 2019

Faecal Egg Count technology an unrealised opportunity for beef producers

FECPAKG2 Case Study - Hamish and Sally Drury

Posted: Thursday March 28, 2019

Drench savings reach 60% through targeted parasite testing

Techion Launch - Australia

Posted: Thursday February 21, 2019

Agricultural Technology to optimise drench use and boost livestock welfare and performance launched in Australia

Techion UK GHG Emissions Press Release

Posted: Wednesday January 23, 2019

Accurate worm control critical to minimise methane emissions from sheep production

Farmers Weekly UK Sion Williams Story – January 2019

Posted: Friday January 18, 2019

Remote parasite monitoring cuts labour costs and resistance

Techion in the News

Posted: Wednesday December 12, 2018

Techion in the News

WormFEC Gold

Posted: Tuesday December 11, 2018

New group of sheep breeders save farmers time and money with parasite resistant stock

Techion helping children in developing countries

Posted: Monday October 29, 2018

Agritech technology developed in New Zealand for farmers is showing potential to help manage disease in children in developing countries.

NZ Sainsbury's FECPAKG2 Findings Press Release - July 2018

Posted: Monday July 23, 2018

UK Study shows NZ-Designed parasite management tool boosts animal health and reduces farm costs

UK Sainsbury's FECPAKG2 Findings Press Release - July 2018

Posted: Wednesday July 18, 2018

Innovation in parasite management boosts animal health and performance

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