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Make your parasite research more effective, connected and traceable.

Researchers at leading institutions around the world use FECPAKG2 as an effective approach to conducting parasite research. Integrating FECPAKG2 faecal egg count testing into your research streamlines the research process and makes it easier for research to be connected and have a higher level of data integrity and auditability.

FECPAKG2 revolutionises parasite management

  • Image based, it provides greater quality control and auditability.
  • Internet connected, it overcomes distance and provides faster results.
  • Software supported, it increases efficiency.
  • Scientifically validated, it is a proven way to test FEC across animal species.
  • Simple to do, it streamlines the research process.
  • Cloud enabled connectivity across research projects.

Permanent traceable results

FECPAKG2 takes images that are permanent and able to be reviewed later, rather than the traditional approach where results are washed down the sink. This makes the testing traceable and improves quality control.


The simple to follow testing process can easily be carried out by junior research assistants, making your research process more efficient.

Special research subscriptions

We offer FECPAKG2 subscriptions especially tailored for research and teaching purposes.

Particle flotation and imaging technology

  • The FECPAKG2 diagnostic platform uses particle flotation and imaging technology to replace the traditional slide and microscope.
  • The parasite egg images taken during the testing process can be digitally sent to specialist technicians at Techion – the developer of FECPAKG2 - for egg identification and counting (‘marking up’), or Techion can train/certify researchers to do this.

Scientifically validated

FECPAKG2 is scientifically validated to test nematode faecal egg counts (FEC) in sheep, cattle, horses, goats and alpacas. We are working with researchers at leading universities the world over on new species validation and other exciting research; projects currently underway include studies at:

Research collaboration

As an innovation-driven company, we are open and willing to collaborate with people and organisations to improve our product and approach and to address broader species, research and industry issues. See the above global map for an insight into the breadth and quality of our collaborative research projects.

Awareness raising

Techion collaborates closely with researchers, industry bodies and government health agencies in several countries to raise awareness of better parasite management techniques and are active in several joint field and research projects.

Contact us here to incorporate the latest parasite detection and management technology into your research.

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