Alice Hill - NZ Client Support Coordinator


Starting as a laboratory assistant, Alice has been part of the Techion team since late 2018. In that time, she’s worked as a laboratory technician and the stand-in laboratory manager as well as testing Micro-I 100s and double checking FECPAKG2 kits before they’re distributed. Alice is experienced preparing samples, using the Micro-I 100 and analysing results. She’s helped develop and refine our standard operating procedures and now she’s road testing our client management.

Alice came to Techion following her graduation from the University of Otago in December 2018. After three years of intensive study she graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Sciences with a major in molecular biology and minor in microbiology. Alice explains her studies included biochemistry, microbiology and genetics provided an overview of scientific practice.

After growing up and undertaking all her schooling in Taupo, Alice moved to Dunedin for her studies and now she claims to have fallen for the charms of the south. Outside of Techion Alice is a keen gamer and movie buff.

If you have questions about using FECPAK, submitting samples or analysing results please reach out to Alice. She can be contacted on email or phone Alice on  03 477 7555 or on our freephone, 0800 332 725.


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